Stop Slavery Award Winners

2016Stop Slavery Award winner

Transparency and Response to Challenge

American multi-national information technology Hewlett Packard Enterprise is the winner in the ‘Transparency and Response to Challenge’ category of the Award.

The judges recognized HPE as having a long-standing commitment to seeking expert input. In particular, the judges found that HPE openly engaged with outside parties on risks it had identified in its supply chain. Additionally, the company hosted a series of anti-human trafficking workshops with suppliers and labour agencies from Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand after recognizing a growing risk of forced labour among foreign migrant workers, particularly in South East Asia. HPE also collaborated with leading companies and expert organizations to promote ethical recruitment and combat the exploitation of migrant workers in global supply chains.

Executive Vice President and General Counsel of Hewlett Packard Enterprise John Schultz, received the Award on behalf of Hewlett Packard Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman.

2016Stop Slavery Award winner

Policy and Implementation

Dutch global semiconductor manufacturer NXP Semiconductors is the winner in the ‘Policy and Implementation’ category of the Award.

The Judging Board unanimously agreed that NXP Semiconductors excelled in its mission to make anti-slavery ‘everyone’s business’ in the company. In particular, the judges found that NXP Semiconductors demonstrated good working practices and programs by having its Board of Directors and CEO sign off on all human trafficking policies and major activities. Additionally, the company identifies vulnerable worker populations and conducts training for its suppliers in order to make informed purchasing decisions and ensure working conditions are safe and healthy.

Award received by Rick Clemmer, NXP semiconductors CEO.